Friday, 26 May 2017

Angolan president's son buys 500,000 euro watch at Cannes

The son of Angola's President Jose dos Santos has been filmed at an auction buying a 500,000 watch. 

The auctioneer was the US actor Will Smith and you can hear him saying (at 44 seconds) "he looks way too young to have 500,000 euros" as Danilo dos Santos gets to the stage.

The Angolan news and gossip site Club-K says the auction at Cannes Film Festival was for the Foudation For Aids research.

The site went on to say the video has left Angolans "feeling indignant about the extravagance of Danilo dos Santos”.

One comment picked out by K-club complained the son of the president should be “a little more discreet”.

another photo.....

 Watch the video below......

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