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GOSSIP: Actress Kafui Danku & White Husband Are Splitting? | We’ve Just Spoken to Her About This…

According to an E-mail a reader of GhanaCelebrities.Com who claims to be in the known sent our way, Ghanaian actress-Kafui Danku and her white Canadian husband are splitting up—allegedly because of infidelity.

Kafui Danku who once told us that she is happily married and her husband treats her like a Queen is said to be spending more time outside her matrimonial home, with a cause for suspicion.

 The gossiper wrote:
“I can tell you that my sister is friends with Kafui Danku the actress and her rich husband who is more than 35 years older than her are splitting because the man is tired and suspect the actress is not being faithful. The actress spends a lot of time in Nigeria where it is said that a lot of unknown dealings take place, something the husband is not happy about and has been complaining about for long without anything having changed so far.”

However, when GhanaCelebrities.Comcontacted Kafui Danku last night, she laughed at the allegation—saying, it’s not true.
We also …