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Apple unveils new iPhones: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple today unveiled its much-anticipated iPhone 7, the latest version of its iconic phone.
“It’s the best iPhone that we have ever created,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the launch event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.
As the rumors had strongly suggested, the phone has no traditional headphone jack, a controversial change that Apple said took “courage” and was done to help make the most of the space inside the device. Apple will ship EarPods that can connect with the iPhone through the Lightning charging port, as well as an adaptor that will let headphones with a 3.5 mm audio jack connect to the new devices.

Apple also revealed futuristic-looking AirPods, a wireless version of the company’s white EarPods. Sporting microphones, the new AirPods can also be used to make phone calls, and are charged through a battery in their case. They’ll cost $159 and will be available next month. 
The tech giant announced two versions of the phone: the iPhone 7 and th…

'Our country is going to hell': Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton differ over national security issues

Donald Trump and Hilarry Clinton on Tuesday night differed on their national security plans for USA if elected into office.

 Clinton accused Donald Trump of insulting America's veterans and pressing dangerous military plans around the globe, seeking to undercut his appeal to service families in Southern voting battlegrounds while Trump declared "our country is going to hell" because of policies made by Clinton
A cool, calms and calculated Donald Trump said he'll ask NATO members to pay their bills and also 'respectfully' ask countries like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, German, Japan and others to pay for the tremendous security the United states provide to them. He also said he will seek to increase number of US troops and develop the U.S missile defense system, saying cyber security is at it's lowest in the U.S and that America needs to be many steps ahead of enemy countries and ISIS.

"His whole campaign has been one long insult to all those w…

Lebron James steps out with his family (photos)

The basketball star was pictured with his wife Savannah Brinson and their two sons, Bryce Maximus James, 9 and LeBron James Jr., 11, as they went for a family treat in Brentwood, California...

Get your facts right - Lucky Mensah hits back Mzbel

Musician lucky Mensah who is not happy about some utterances made by colleague musician Mzbel, has hit back at the later.

The former in an interview called Mensah a selfish person who took money and car for composing a song for the ruling party some years ago yet turns around to act like they (NDC) are the cause of his inability to shine in the music world.

Mensah who did not take it easy called her (Mzbel) out advising her to get her facts right before she talks.

“I sold my ‘Nkratuo’ track to the late David Lamptey and so Mzbel should be well informed before making the unfounded claims against me. I did the song in 2011 and the NDC bought the right in 2012.

“They promised to reward me after I did ‘Atta Beye’ for them. They promised me a 4×4 car but rather they bought me a Corolla. I was paid for my services. Mzbel should stop spewing lies. If she does not know, she should ask me, I will tell her.”

Panama Papers: Denmark to buy leaked data

Denmark will buy data leaked from the law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers scandal, Taxation Minister Karsten Lauritzen has announced. 
An anonymous offer to sell data involving up to 600 Danish citizens was made to the tax authorities over the summer, he said in a statement.

"We owe it to all Danish taxpayers who faithfully pay their taxes," he said.

The decision was attacked as "deeply reprehensible" by a spokesman for one of the opposition parties.

Germany, France and the UK are all believed to have paid for data on bank customers in the past but this may be the first time a government has agreed to pay for data leaked from the law firm involved in the Panama Papers, Mossack Fonseca.

Some 11.5m documents previously leaked from the firm to international media revealed huge offshore tax evasion.

Mr Lauritzen did not reveal the exact sum to be paid but it is believed to be at most 9m kroner (£1m; $1.4m; 1.2m euros). 
"Everything suggests that it is useful…

Poet Sharon Olds wins $100,000 Academy of American Poets prize

Pulitzer Prize-winning US poet Sharon Olds has been given a $100,000 (£75,000) lifetime achievement award.
Olds, 73, was given the Academy of American Poets' prestigious Wallace Stevens Award for "proven mastery in the art of poetry".
It comes three years after she received the Pulitzer for Stag's Leap, a sequence of poems about a divorce.

Ex-Pulitzer winner and former US poet laureate Natasha Trethewey was awarded $25,000 (£18,700) and a fellowship.
Lynn Emanuel's The Nerve of It, a selection of "new and selected poems" won the $25,000 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for the best poetry book published last year.
Other winners of the Academy of American Poets' prizes included Mary Hickman for Rayfish, Ron Padgett for his translation of Zone: Selected Poems by Guillaume Apollinaire and Stephen Sartarelli for his translation of The Selected Poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Donte Collins, 20, was given an award for most promising young poet.
Previous award …

Man murders his son, shoots ex-wife, confesses on Facebook and then tells cops he’s on his way to kill more relatives

Police in North Carolina are currently searching for Earl Valentine who killed his 15-year-old son, critically wounded his ex-wife and then used Facebook to live-broadcast his evil deeds. According to reports, Valentine kicked in the back door of his ex-wife’s home early Tuesday morning and shot her in the chest. When his son showed up, he shot him point blank. Then he posted a video online saying;
“What’s up everybody? I just killed my (expletive) wife,” Earl Valentine said in his early Tuesday admission video. “I loved my wife, but she deserved what she had coming.”

 Valentine called police after the attack inside his ex-wife North Carolina's home and told them he was on his way to Richmond, Virginia, to kill more family members.
“When we spoke to him on the phone he told us he is basically armed and dangerous,” Norlina Police Chief Taylor Bartholomew told WNCN.According to Police chief Bartholomew, they have deployed officers to protect Valentine's family members w…

Madonna and Ritchie reach custody deal over Rocco

Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie have settled a court dispute over the custody of their 16-year-old son Rocco.
A spokesman for the New York State court system said the pair had reached an agreement, but did not reveal with which parent the teenager would live.
Ritchie's lawyer Peter Bronstein said Rocco would continue to live with his father in London.
The dispute arose in December when Rocco ignored a court order to fly back to live with his mother in New York.
He has since stayed with his father in the UK capital and enrolled in a school there.
Madonna's lawyers have not commented on the settlement.
In December, a judge ruled that Rocco should return to his mother. But she decided not to issue a warrant to enforce the order, urging the pair to reach an agreement.
New York State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan said: "No-one is disrupting his household other than the inability of the parents to reach a resolution.
"If they cannot resolve this matter then event…

Reekado Banks goes hard on fan who called his album wack

Before the release of Reekado’s Bank Album, he had bragged enough about it. He even went to the extent of saying it would be the best anyone has heard since the last decade and the next decade in an interview with Hip TV.

This has gingered many who were anticipating the release to have a bigger picture of the album.

Well, it's certain that in life you can’t please everyone, and it’s just like the popular saying ‘one man’s food is another’s poison’.

Not everyone would appreciate your work, no matter how good you are or think you are, there is still a hater out there.

This has made an angry fan who probably anticipated and got disappointed after its release.

The fan attacked him via social media platform and told the singer, that his album was Wack.

Reekado who probably didn’t like such criticism also gave the fan a piece of his mind.

See convo below:

Fan: “please I hope you didn’t do album listening party. It’s a total waste of time. This is one of my top wack albums this year.”


Bawumia Lecture Moved To National Theatre

The Office of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia wishes to notify the general public that the venue for Thursday’s Public Lecture has been moved from the Accra International Conference Centre as earlier advertised to the National Theatre, Accra.
An earlier publication had said the Public Lecture on the State of the Ghanaian Economy by Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, renowned Economist and NPP Vice-Presidential candidate, was to be held tomorrow at 4pm at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The Lecture will see former President of the Republic, John Agyekum Kufuor, chairing the event which is expected to attract thousands of Ghanaians from various walks of life, the diplomatic mission and representatives of various local and international institutions.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has become famous for his lectures which in recent years have gained prominence for foretelling economic occurrences ahead of time and for its in-depth analysis and revelations of policies and economic indicators.

Read be…

Trump Mexico visit: Luis Videgaray quits as finance minister

Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray has resigned following the visit of Donald Trump last week.
Mr Videgaray was seen as the main organiser of the controversial meeting between Mr Trump and President Enrique Pena Nieto.

The visit was widely criticised by Mexicans both in the national press and on social media.

A spokesperson for the ministry said Mr Videgaray would not take on another public office.

President Pena Nieto is expected to name his replacement shortly.

Mr Trump, the Republican nominee for the US presidency, visited Mexico briefly on 1 September, despite widespread condemnation of some of his earlier comments about Mexican migrants to the United States.

He had called Mexican migrants "criminals" and "rapists". Such remarks led President Pena Nieto to compare the American to Italian fascist leader Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler.

Mr Videgaray has been one of the president's closest advisers, orchestrating a successful re-election campaign in 2012.

'For the Love of Spock' honors Leonard Nimoy as 'Star Trek' turns 50

The ostensible selling point of "For the Love of Spock" -- a documentary about the late Leonard Nimoy -- is the personal connection that his son, Adam, directed it. Alas, that turns out to be weakest aspect of this warm, nostalgic window into the "Star Trek" universe.
The feature-length film, receiving on demand and limited theatrical release tied to the 50th anniversary of "Star Trek's" premiere, is certainly a timely addition to various celebrations of the series.
Not surprisingly, the younger Nimoy -- who practiced law before becoming a director -- makes the narrative in part about him and his at-times distant relationship with his dad. Frankly, though, the notion of a child reminiscing about a complicated history with a famous parent is such a well-worn device it can't help but feel like a cliché. And while that provides insight into Leonard Nimoy as a person, it tends to distract from other material -- at times amusing, often illu…

Bawumia denied Conference Centre for public lecture

The vice presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is under pressure to look for an alternate venue for his public lecture, since he has been denied access to the Accra International Conference Centre.

A statement being prepared by the Office of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and seen by, said the managers of the ‘Pink Lady’ – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – on the eve of the public lecture aimed at assessing the health of the economy, have placed ice on the venue.

Officials at Bawumia’s office said the National Theatre is the new venue, adding: “Despite the setback, we will like to assure the general public that everything is set for the Lecture tomorrow on the theme: “The State of the Ghanaian Economy – A Foundation of Concrete or Straw”.

“The change in venue follows a decision of the managers of the Conference Centre (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to deny organizers of the programme the use of the facility - 24 hours to the Publi…

'Everything Na Double Double' singer down with kidney failure

Popular gospel singer Paul Praise is down with renal failure. The gospel singer who is known for the popular song My God is Good (Double Double) was diagnosed with renal failure’.

His two kidneys have stopped working, and he has been undergoing dialysis at NAF Base Hospital, Ikeja Lagos.
The 'Double Double' singer needs the sum of nine million Naira for a kidney transplant. had an exclusive chat with the gospel singer in the morning of Sunday, September 4.

The singer said that trouble started in January 2016 when he was having pains. He went to the hospital and was told one of his kidneys has collapsed and since then he had been battling with it.

Praise said he was active until July when the pains became more severe; he was later told his two kidneys have packed up and had been undergoing dialysis twice a week at NAF Base Hospital, Ikeja.

Praise who was preparing to go to church concluded that: “I am believing God for a miracle as I need to go for a transplant soon.…

Masturbating In Public Not A Crime - Italian Supreme Court Rules

Masturbating in public is not a crime, the Italian supreme court has ruled, even if it is done so with the clear aim of being seen by other members of the public.

Italy’s highest court, La Corte di Cassazione, was asked to rule on the case of a 69-year-old man who had been caught masturbating in the southern city of Catania. Identified only as Pietro L, the man had been convicted after he was seen “taking out his penis” and “practising autoeroticism” in front of students at the University of Catania campus. According to the local edition of La Repubblica, the local Prefect of Catania and the Court of Appeal had agreed that the man should be sentenced to three months in prison and fined €3,420.
But supreme court judges said that a recent government reform meant “the act is not included in the law as a crime”. In doing so, the court has eliminated the criminal aspects of sentencing for obscene acts in public places.

The case of Pietro L will now go back to the Prefect of Cata…

Mzbel Blasts Lucky Mensah For Endorsing Akufo Addo

Sensational female musician, Mzbel originally born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has described his colleague male musician Lucky Mensah as a liar, selfish and demanding.

Her comments were in reaction to a statement made by the male musician that the NDC is party kills the career of musicians adding, the party has failed to manage the country well.
The musician had said that he regrets campaigning for the NDC since he is now seen as a liar for following a party that has failed citizens.

The musician who recorded a song to canvass votes for NDC in the 2008 elections said the party is retrogressing at the progressive rate, a reason he has taken a U-turn and recorded a campaign song for the NPP.

But responding to the claims by the musician, Mzbel disputed it and described it as unfounded. According to her, as a musician you do not have to align yourself to any political party rather, you should support political leaders whose ideas and policies you think will benefit the country.

South African Mayor Bans Use Of Luxury Cars By Officials

Luxury car manufacturers do not have a friend in the new mayor of South Africa’s capital city.

Solly Msimanga, the recently-elected mayor of Tshwane - which includes the capital Pretoria—has put a ban on government spending on high-end vehicles.
Msimanga, who represents the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), also said that he would donate 10 BMWs purchased under the previous African National Congress (ANC) administration to the city’s police department to form a new anti-hijack unit.

“I will not allow public money to be spent on luxury cars, while our people struggle for services, houses and jobs,” Msimanga said in a statement Tuesday. “A Hyundai i20 or Toyota Corolla can do the same job for a politician as an expensive sedan.”

Msimanga has also banned the use of blue lights by politicians and government officials in Tshwane, which had been used to avoid sitting in traffic. The measure requires approval, however, from the provincial government of Gauteng—the province in wh…

Bonsam Shocks Aljazeera Journalist

Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a popular and rather intriguing spiritualist, treated a team of journalists from Aljazeera TV to a spellbinding display of incredible spiritual gymnastics and supernatural acrobatics when they visited his Akomadan-Afrancho shrine to produce an exclusive documentary on him last Sunday.
Bonsam shocked the journalists when during his fetish dance, he called one of visiting journalists into the centre of his forecourt, gave him a bunch of raffia to hold and then conjured fire from nowhere into the raffia.

While the raffia burned, Bonsam used his hands to regulate the flame and turned his palms skywards the flames which burned, but the ferocity of the fire dwindled each time Bonsam turned his palms towards the ground.
The traditional priest also went on a scary frenzy using a razor-sharp machete to cut his flesh without success. Though the same machete was able to cut down other objects and trees around, it simply could not cut through the flesh of the spirituali…

Nigerian Comedian Basketmouth Robbed At Gun Point

Popular Nigerian Comedian Bright Okpocha, better known by his stage name Basketmouth has been reportedly robbed at gun point at his resident in Nigeria in the wee hours of Wednesday September 7, 2016.
Fellow Nigerian comedian Bovi posted on his Instagram Page this morning that Comedian, Basketmouth and his family were robbed at gun point at his residence in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. According to him while the robbers carted away with several valuables, no one was hurt during the 2-hour operation.

Bovi wrote:

"@basketmouth was robbed this morning in his home in lekki phase 1 between the hours of 2am and 4am, 7th of September 2016. He and his family were held at gun point while the sad episode lasted. Nobody was hurt. Valuables were taken including the cctv device. A report has been made at the police station. He can't be reached at the moment but will be back on as soon as possible".

AY’s movie ’30 Days In Atlanta’ recognised by Guinness World Records

Nigerian comedian AY’s first produced movie ‘30 Days In Atlanta’ which was directed by Robert Peters, has been officially recognized by the 2017 Guinness World Records.

The movie has been recognised as one of the films with the highest domestic gross in the territories of Bollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood.

The record breaking movies listed are ‘PK’ from India, ’30 Days In Atlanta’ from Nigeria and ‘Star Wars’ From The United States of America.

This is the first time ever that the Nigerian film industry, which is one of the largest in the world, will be achieving a tremendous success that will be registered by the ‘Guinness World Records’ since 1955 when it was first published.

The comedian said on Instagram: “Warri boy don enter the 2017 Guinness World Records with '30 Days In Atlanta' ooooo... I am dedicating this milestone in my career to all the casts and crew of 30 Days In Atlanta. Also to everyone who went to the cinemas to see the movie when it came out.”

AY is se…

Air China magazine London race slur sparks anger

A Chinese airline has reportedly warned passengers that "precautions" should be taken when visiting areas in London mainly populated by "Indians, Pakistanis and black people". 
Air China included the comments as part of a feature in its in-flight magazine on visiting the city.
It also advised tourists not to go out alone at night, and for females to always be accompanied when travelling.
A London MP has written to the Chinese ambassador to the UK for an apology.
The comments were noticed by Beijing-based producer Haze Fan from US news channel CNBC.
They were published in its monthly Wings Of China magazine and read: "London is generally a safe place to travel, however precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people.
"We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when travelling." Image copyrightHaze Fan, CNBCImage caption Th…

23-year-old girl kills lover

A 23-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her lover to death at Taifa, a suburb of Accra.
Akua Oparebea, a mother of two, according to reports, used a kitchen knife to stab Imoro Okai, 36, in the stomach after which she fled to her hometown in the Eastern Region to seek refuge.
Luck eluded her when the police apprehended her with the assistance of some of her relatives at Suhum.

Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, Chief Superintendent Edward Kumi-Farkye, Accra Regional Crime Officer, said the incident occurred on Sunday, September 4, 2016 at about 9pm.
Imoro Okai and Akua Oparebea lived in a kiosk at Taifa before the incident occurred. At about 9pm when Imoro returned from work, he realised that his lover was not at home and called her via her mobile phone to enquire about her whereabouts.
Oparebea allegedly told Imoro that she went to Amasaman in the Ga West municipality to inspect a plot of land they had bought.
This explanation, according to the police, did not …

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have reportedly split after summer romance

Well, that was over Hiddleswiftly. 
Pop star Taylor Swift and her actor boyfriend Tom Hiddleston have called it quits after a three month romance, according to People. No word on if they're ever, ever getting back together.
The affectionately dubbed "Hiddleswift" seemed inseparable when they began dating in June but, in fact, everything has changed.  The split was reportedly "amicable." Public fascination with the couple may have contributed to the breakup, according to Us Weekly. CNN has reached out to representatives of Swift and Hiddleston, but has not yet independently confirmed the news.  The couple's romance was initially confirmed after British tabloid The Sun published photographs of Swift, 26 and Hiddleston, 35, looking like a couple from a Nicholas Sparks film while walking along the beach on June 14 in Westerly, Rhode Island -- just two weeks after the singer and musician Calvin Harris parted ways.  Shortly after, Harris called out Swift on Twitter …

Bill Cosby sex assault trial date set

A judge in Pennsylvania has set a trial date for Bill Cosby, who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.
Former Temple University employee Andrea Constand alleges the 79-year-old entertainer drugged and molested her. 
The trial is tentatively set to begin on 5 June next year near Mr Cosby's home. 
At least 50 women have accused Mr Cosby of sexual assault, and prosecutors want 13 of them to testify. The former star of The Cosby Show faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.
A lawyer for Mr Cosby welcomed the trial date, saying: "The time has come to shine a spotlight on the trampling of Mr Cosby's civil rights."
Once fondly known as America's Dad, Mr Cosby was the first African-American to host a primetime television programme.
Although many women have accused him of rape, he is only facing charges in this one case due to statutes of limitations. Thirteen of his accusers may be allowed by the judge to take the stand bec…

Akufo-Addo’s campaign style outdated – Mahama jabs

President John Mahama has described Nana Akufo-Addo’s campaign promises as outmoded, urging his opponent to strive towards making policy proposals that are in tune with the times.
The President said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential candidate’s one- district-one-factory and one-village-one-dam are poorly packaged and devoid of clarity.
Speaking on Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV, Tuesday, the President said the lack of clarity in Akufo-Addo’s promises smacks of mediocrity.

“You just throw out a promise – that is yesterday’s campaigning. In those days, my father’s time, you just throw out something and people just pick it. One village one dam they don’t know if it is a dug out or a barrage dam or a proper irrigation dam they don’t know. One-village-one factory – what kind of factory? Is it a car assembling plant? Is it the kind of factories that we know? Is it electronic appliances, textiles and garments or small and medium enterprises?” he quizzed.

He adds, “this thing …

Father dies minutes after dancing with daughter at her wedding

Tim Buchanan, a 54 year old, veteran detective with the York County Sheriff's Department in Rock Hill, South Carolina, attended his daughter's wedding in Costa Rica on Saturday had a heart attack just minutes after his father-daughter dance but didn't survive.

His wife, Jeni Buchanan who is also a photographer and the mother of the bride, took to her Facebook page to announce the death of her husband and asked people to let her grieve. She wrote:
 You never know when the last time will be the last time! Tim came into my life at a time when I was broken to the core and held me up and built me into a strong person. Over the years we raised four amazing children, cared for my little brothers when they needed us the most and had even had the honor of a beautiful grandchild. He was the most beautiful soul I have ever known and I will never be the same without him. I know he loved me and our family. I am so very grateful for this image of us that our dear friends Kelly …

Nigerian Allegedly Forges Signature Of Julius Debrah And Seth Terkper (Photo)

The police in Osu have arrested a 38-year-old Nigerian who used the name of a top government officials to defraud a foreign investor to the tune of 150,000 dollars.

Dennis Ndukwu, is alleged to have forged signatures of Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, the Finance Minister, Seth Terkper and other high profile personalities.
The operations of Dennis and his gang, was uncovered in June this year following suspicion of the victim’s bankers.

The police said Dennis Ndukwu and his gang, through internet hacking, got to know about challenges being faced by the victim, a Vietnamese investor who had invested over 8.5 million dollars in Ghana.

Dennis Ndukwu, allegedly introduced himself to the investor, Le Van Khiem, as the secretary to the chief of staff, Julius Debrah, and can use the high office to assist him.

The police said Dennis later produced various documents purportedly signed by the chief of staff and the finance minister Seth Terkper.

These convinced the victim to give h…

Kumchacha Delivers Counselor Lutterodt From Evil Spirit

Hell nearly broke loose in the studios of an Accra-based radio station when the founder and leader of the Heaven's Gate Ministry, Nicholas Osei popularly known as 'Kumchacha' finally squared up with the all-popular Counselor Luterrodt.

Dressed in his usual black suit with shoes to match, the popular Prophet upon meeting the radio counselor decided to deliver Counselor Lutterodt of 'demons' inhabiting him which according to him are the cause of the 'bad advise he has been offering on radio' and several other platforms.
Kumchacha while speaking on Adom FM Friday, 22nd July, 2016 said the now famous Counselor has an agenda which would destabilize many relationships.

“Lutterodt has an al Qaeda, Taliban and Osama Bin Laden spirit through which he is on a mission to collapse the marriages and relationships of many people…I will deliver him of that evil spirit when I meet him one on one…,” he said.

Counselor Lutterodt is widely known for making controversia…