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Graphic photos and video: Woman stabs husband and his lover with knives after catching them in bed together

A Facebook user, Daniel Kemps Kemps, shared a graphic video of a man and a woman who were allegedly stabbed by the man's wife after she caught her husband in bed with the woman above.  Looks so unreal! He wrote:

Katy Perry, Performing for Clinton, Answers Critics: ‘I Am Using My Voice’

Katy Perry performed for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, one of a number of celebrities out on the campaign trail on Saturday as the presidential race entered its final few days.
Perry, after noting that she has gotten criticism that she should just stick to singing, said, “I am using my voice.”
At the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, she wore a blue cape with sequined lettering reading, “I’m with Madame President.”

“I love the message, when you get knocked down, which everybody does, the message is, ‘Get back up’,” Clinton said in introducing Perry.
Also speaking at the event was Shonda Rhimes. The stars of some of her shows have appeared in ads supporting Clinton.
Perry pledged to back Clinton well before she officially announced her presidential bid. At a CAA event in 2014, when Clinton was still on a book tour, Perry event tweeted that she would write a song for her. She has since performed for Clinton at an event in Iowa in October, 2015, and at the Democratic National Convention…

US election 2016: Trump to target Democratic states

Republican candidate Donald Trump has said he is going to target states seen as Democratic strongholds in the last two days before the US election.
He will visit Pennsylvania, Michigan and also Minnesota, which has not gone Republican since 1972. On Saturday evening, he was briefly rushed off the stage by secret service agents at a rally in Reno, Nevada.
Mr Trump had stopped speaking after seeing something in the auditorium, but returned to the stage minutes later.

When he resumed his speech, Mr Trump said: "Nobody said it was going to be easy for us... I want to thank the Secret Service."
There were reports that the man had a gun, but the secret service later said that "upon a thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area, no weapon was found".
Austyn Crites, the man at the centre of the disturbance, was holding a placard saying Republicans Against Trump when he was tackled by security officials.
"I keep repeating - I'm down, someone is trying …

Pacquiao wins lopsided decision with Mayweather watching

Floyd Mayweather Jr. stopped by to see an old foe, and Manny Pacquiao tried his best to give him a show.
With Mayweather watching intently from a ringside seat, Pacquiao dropped Jessie Vargas in the second round and bloodied his face Saturday night on his way to a lopsided decision that gave him a piece of the welterweight title once again.
Pacquiao won on all three ringside scorecards -- 118-109, 118-109 114-113 -- to take the piece of the title Vargas won in his last fight. The AP scored it 119-109 for Pacquiao.

"Not bad," Mayweather said, giving Pacquiao a thumbs up after the fight.
It was vintage Pacquiao at times, even though he couldn't stop Vargas like he desperately wanted to. And with Mayweather at ringside it certainly will stir talk of a second fight between the boxers who went at it last year in the richest fight ever.
That, of course, would depend on Mayweather coming out of retirement and Pacquiao being able to fight while still attending to his duties as a sena…

South African President, Jacob Zuma not scared of going to jail amidst corruption controversy

Despite the corruption controversy hovering around Jacob Zuma and appearing in court severally, the South African President has revealed that he is not scared of going to jail. Speaking to thousands of supporters at the African National Congress's victory rally in eDumbe Saturday‚ Zuma said:

'People think democracy is done at courts. They never mention the will of the majority‚ they always talk about courts. They never even speak to us about democratic debates because they know we are good at debates. They think by going to courts they are intimidating the ANC. We are not going to be intimidated‚ even if it means I get arrested today‚ I am used to it. I have spent a lot of time in jail‚ you cannot threaten me with jail time .I am not scared of jail I have been there.'