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Fake U.S. Embassy busted in Ghana after a decade of issuing visas to intending travelers

A fake U.S. embassy in Ghana issued illegally-obtained visas for a decade before it was shut down by authorities, the State Department said.
An international crime gang ran the sham facility, in the African nation's capital, Accra — and even flew an American flag outside the building.
However, the genuine Embassy is in a large, secure facility elsewhere in the city.
The fake embassy was shut down this summer after a joint operation by State officials and local police, the department said in an update published Friday.
"For about a decade it operated unhindered; the criminals running the operation were able to pay off corrupt officials to look the other way, as well as obtain legitimate blank documents to be doctored," said a page on the State website.

Austria's Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential race

Austria's far-right party has conceded defeat in a bitterly fought presidential race, after projections indicated its candidate was beaten by Green Party-backed independent Alexander Van der Bellen.
The official result of the election is not expected before Monday, but the Freedom Party (FPOe) conceded defeat within minutes of the poll projections being released, shortly after voting ended on Sunday.
"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Van der Bellen," FPOe's chief strategist Herbert Kickl told Austrian media.

The projections had put Van der Bellen on 53.6 percent ahead of the FPOe's Norbert Hofer on 46.4 percent.
"I am infinitely sad that it didn't work out," Hofer said in a posting on his Facebook page less than an hour after polls closed.
Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee, reporting from Austria, said Hofer's attempt to follow the campaign winning strategy of US President-elect Donald Trump "backfired". 
Hofer, w…

Lewis Hamilton reacts to Nico Rosberg's Shock retirement from Formula One

British Sportsman, Lewis Hamilton, who lost his previously held formula one title to his childhood friend and Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg on Sunday, has reacted to the German's shock retirement from the game , just days after winning his very first title.
Speaking in Vienna, where Rosberg was handed the champion's trophy during a gala dinner on Friday night, Hamilton said:
'I was not surprised. But that's because I've known him for a long time. 'This is the first time he has won in our rivalry in 18 years, hence why I am not shocked. But it will be strange not having him there in the team next year.'

 Hamilton said he doesn't care who Mercedes will announce as his partner for next season :
"It doesn't matter who they put alongside me. I'll race them. I'm here to race. The focus is on next year and hoping for a better season." He has a family he wants to focus on and F1 takes so much from you. never needed a team-mate to be ab…

Fidel Castro's ashes interred in private ceremony in Cuba

Fidel Castro's ashes were being interred in a private ceremony Sunday morning, ending nine days of mourning for the man who ruled Cuba for nearly half a century.
The military caravan bearing his remains in a flag-draped cedar coffin left the Plaza of the Revolution in the eastern city of Santiago at 6:39 a.m. Thousands of people lined the two-mile route to Santa Ifigenia cemetery, waving Cuban flags and shouting "Long live Fidel!"
The Cuban military fired a 21-gun salute and crowds at the entrance to the cemetery sang the national anthem as the ashes entered about 40 minutes later. The ceremony lasted more than an hour and took place out of the public eye after Cuban officials made a last-minute cancellation of plans to broadcast the events live on national and international television. International media were also barred from the ceremony.
The decision to hold a private ceremony came the morning after Castro's brother, President Raul Castro, announced that Cuba would…

Donald Trump slams SNL after the show ridiculed his Twitter habit, Alec Baldwin replies him!

After watching yesterday's Saturday Night Live show where he was ridiculed for his weird use of Twitter, Donald Trump took to Twitter to slam the sketch. He wrote;

Actor Alec Baldwin who portrayed him in the show also took to Twitter to reply the president-elect.
The Hollywood actor who is obviously not a fan of the billionaire business man also retweeted tweets where Trump was insulted
 This week's SNL showed Baldwin playing Trump in a security briefing but refusing to pay attention because he was more interested in tweeting.
'Kellyanne, I just retweeted the best tweet. Wow what a great, smart tweet,' Baldwin/Trump said as the show reminded it's audience that the real Trump had retweeted a 16-year-old boy earlier in the week.
 Source: UK Daily Mail

Security officers vandalise voting materials over missing names

Some security officers in the Tamale Central constituency in the Northern region have vandalised voting materials over their missing names on the second round of special voting.

The officers numbering about twenty reportedly kicked ballot boxes, booths and other essential materials after they were told their names could not be traced on the voting list.

According to Starr News' Eliasu Tanko the aggrieved officials had earlier threatened to pepper spray the EC officials at the polling centre over the same problem.

They claim the mishap is a deliberate attempt by the EC officials to disenfranchise them.

Meanwhile, Northern regional Police commander DCOP Ken Yeboah has said the officcers will be punished for the misconduct.

The complaints of missing names in today's round of special voting is widespread with reports coming from across the country.

The EC is yet to respond to the new complaints.

In the Volta region, some security officers have threatened to curse the EC if they are…