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Annie~Joy writes: The Life Of Someone •••The Supreme God••• #BeInspired!

The life you are living is not your life, rather, it is the life of someone. At the end of this lesson, you will know that you are a container which has got something in it and that, you are to display what is in you. Imagine, there is a container containing toffees; it is either the container is transparent to be able to see what is in it, that is, the toffees or the container might be the opposite. 

From the scenario, inside the container is where the toffees can be found and that is what you are. You are a container and to realize you are, here are some principles that will lead you. The first principle I will talk about is, God created us in His own image and likeness. In that case, we are coming from God to becoming a container which He come along with the container. The Bible goes further; and that is the second principle which is, "what lives in us is greater what life on earth".

Take note, "what lives in us....", meaning we are containers with something in us. A container does not showcase itself but rather, what it contains. Therefore, you having God in you indicates you are to display Him. The last principle is, "the body is the temple of God" therefore, do not defile it. Why? Simply because that is where God dwells. He lives in you. The given bible quotations which I term as principles I believe have made you understand you are a container by now and that, you are not on your own. Perhaps, you did not know the life you are living is not your own life. Hence, know you are just container with a product in you therefore, what is in you needs to be displayed.

There are times in life when one is found going astray and when being confronted by someone, what comes out is: "THIS IS MY LIFE, I LIVE IT THE WAY I WANT TO", really? You think so? Someone can even go to the extent of painting you as an enemy. It is not your life, it is the life of someone and the person is God. You do not what you think is best and suitable to you. The Bible says; He has given unto us our choice and we have the right to select and ignore, note, there was a "but" added in Bible.

The moment you see "but" in a statement then you don't have to access it all. "....but not all things are profitable", the Bible added. You are the container. That is fine. You too display the product therefore, the type of container you are, whether transparent or not, determines  where you need to be sown. Aside that, it is the product in you (container) that sells itself. In the ancient days, the disciples were named "Christians" because they really displayed the Christ in them. They were containers too yet, they being able to sell out their product which is the CHRIST in them brought about the name "Christians".

You dress anyhow, you talk anyhow, you use stuffs on your body anyhow and when you get approached, all what you say is: "this is my body and this my life and I choose to live it anyhow I want" forgetting that there is a time to come where that life you are jumping about with will be no more and that body will go back to its state which is sand. A lot of people have forgotten their where about. A lot of people think this life is everlasting and that, it is all it is.

Some live their lives like nothing is at stake, just as if they own it all. Mind you, that body you are exposing is not owned by you. Someone created you in order to keep His product in you to be sold out. Why then are you selling the container instead of the product. Do not forget in Genesis, God created you in His own image and likeness. You came out of something so therefore you have the traces  of that image you came out from and you need to act as that image.

You are living the life of someone which is not everlasting if you do not sell the products that need to be sold out. A time is coming which is not so far when age will take hold of you and you shall watch what you did with your container. Whether in happiness or in shame depends on how you showcase your container today in order to sell your product. Value Who is in you. Let Him benefit from owning the container. Sell the product He has kept in you and sell no other product.

You being a container has got a time on it. Live your life like something is at stake and that, sooner or later you shall lose your product and yourself. You are living the life of a supreme God. Let the world know about that product and not your product. It is not your life instead, the life of a God. Be decent and take God at heart



Writer: Annie ~Joy



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