Zimbabwe wants celebrity at carnival 'if she wears panties'

A popular South African celebrity has been invited to grace Zimbabwe's week-long Harare International Carnival in September, but with a caveat.

Zodwa Wabantu, known for her ostentatious skimpy dressing, has been asked by Zimbabwe's Tourism Authority (ZTA) to “cover the essentials” or she will be dropped from the event, South Africa's Sowetan Live news site reports.

ZTA Chief Executive Officer Karikoga Kaseke told journalists at a press conference that Ms Wabantu would offend traditional leaders if she did not dress appropriately:
"I hope she will have her panties. If she cannot perform in panties then we don’t want her because chiefs [traditional leaders] will not like it.”

Ms Wabantu famously told South Africa's Daily Star newspaper  that wearing underwear made her feel uncomfortable:
"Underwear makes me uncomfortable. I don’t feel sexy when I’m wearing panties. It’s a preference. And people should deal with it."

Mr Kaseke said that they had chosen her to headline the event because of her popularity:
"She is going to be one of the star attractions at the samba night on September 6. She’s popular in the region and through her we want to target regional tourists.”
The carnival will also feature at least 10 samba girls from Brazil and nearly 20 Cuban dancers‚ with Ms Wabantu billed as the headline act, the report says.

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