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Anita Annang writes: Africa Under Modern Colonization. (Be a Modern African Warrior not a Slay Queen)

I dreamed of modern Colonialism, and I woke up to realize I wasn’t in chains, I was not being whipped, and in fact, I wasn’t being molested or naked after all, I was actually in my very comfort zone, my Bed. But, why such a dream? 
That was my thought, then, I started thinking pretty hard until my head started aching with sweat all over my forehead.  My conclusion! this is modified colonialism and blindly we are trapped every day. The question is can we do something about it? Hmmm.

Let's trace the era of Polio and the other childhood diseases. I do not want to state dates here, I only want to draw our attention to what I dreamed of. The same people who introduced these diseases into the body of black babies, are the same people who enslaved us until our forefathers fought a good fight. After a period, most of the babies from that generation suffer polio and the rest, then they come up with a VACCINE. (The same virus or bacteria).
The same people brought us these vaccine to inject the generation in that era against the six childhood diseases. Hence our marks on our right arms. Remember our forefathers were healthier  and stronger without these vaccines. But because children were suffering, our leaders thought the Europeans have saved the day again. Well, maybe they did. These vaccines are the same virus or bacteria injected into us. They may prevent the childhood diseases but have you thought of all the people with the mark of the six childhood diseases.

Well, if you haven’t, I have. Every child born five decades away or less have the mark and either suffers fibroid, diabetics, different kind of cancers, kidney diseases and many others. Don't forget majority are dying very early due to various complications. These sickness or disease did not affect our forefathers even when they had no hospital treatment during child birth. Grandparents are now burying children and grandchildren and our leaders are still not wondering what is killing us. We are also busy thinking of making money we don't care about our history and whatever is happening. Am sure every young adult out here can testify to the death of a classmate, colleague or even friends in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, this is the life span of the African child from dose decades.

The World Bank will gladly give Africa loans but will always insist on what we are supposed to do with the monies. They tell us to build roads, knowing we buy the cars from them. How many car accidents do u hear happen in the European countries, yet they in and out, Africa record thousands of accidents. Why don't they advise us to build rail ways like they have, yes! RAILWAYS. They know the value of railways. How many accidents have you heard on the rail ways? How often do u hear of train accidents? Hmmmm

They borrow us monies, they take cover under the WHO, the UNICEF and the likes to pretend they are assisting the black race. Poor us. These countries make money out of us. The drugs we import from them to our pharmacies alone is enough. They will never produce drugs that will heal black or African completely, it will only cure the current disease you have and give you something else. Our pharmacies are killing us every day with these foreign drugs. But as smart as these Europeans are, they are now into herbal aphrodisiacs, the love of the youth and men, even woman of today. And you wonder why you suffer low sperm count and other silly manhood diseases and barrenes. Grow up, start thinking and give up the drinks and birth control pills. They are reducing your life span. That's all. Africa is always on top when they rate countries that consume the most alcohol, and we feel proud of it. Our TV stations are not even helping matters. It's all about the money. How SAD.

Our forefathers were real farmers, there was no fertilizer, yet they produced the best crops. These same European identified this strength. Gave them pesticides to spray their crops against pest infestations and bit by bit, they killed every nutrient in the ground. Today they rely on fertilizer to grow crops. This is what we all consume (Poison). Do we know what these fertilizers contain? Let me not go there, otherwise some of us may stop eating. But all I know is that all these foods are only reducing our life span. I know a gentleman who thought he wasn't lucky because in his village they weren't injected with the six childhood disease vaccine, he walked miles to the farm and animal droppings is the only manure to grow crops. He is almost 40 and has never been to the hospital and he thinks he is unlucky. Hmm. I guess he just doesn’t know, well be the judge. We are in the city where our carrot can melt after a few days and tomatoes contain only fluids in dem. Hmmm.

We just don't  know our generation is on death sentence because of the things we eat and drink. Our wells are no more pure water. Gone were the days, when well water was the purest. Today they have invaded our villages, drilling bore holes and purifying them in the name of aid. Meanwhile they are the same people who infested the waters with guinea worms And other water born diseases with their dubious chemicals. And they claim to be doing us good.
We have started experiencing explosions after discovering petroleum. Hmmm.

Let's grow up. All filling stations that are located at the entrance of all military barracks must be be relocated. Otherwise we may have military people in the country but terrorist will invade our country very easily by simply blowing up these stations and our soldiers and weapons will be useless because they will be trapped and helpless.
I know some of us out here have more information. They have distracted our attention with social media. And all we use it for, is to disgrace ourselves (social media celebrity indeed). Why don't we start using the positive side of it by preaching to our people the intention of these wicked pretenders? They only wish to wipe out the black race. Let us suprise them and beat them to their game by being more intelligent and smarter. 

They have introduced telenovela and instead of our youth to learn the positive parts from it, somehow their TV's only show the bad sides. Now, drugs, nudity, disrespect, sex and other unthinkable is the order of the Day. Our so called stars are even making situation worse. This is not a call for God to answer, it's a call for all Africans, from the East to the west, North to the South. We just need to start being serious and be hard working. Making money easily comes with its own consequences. Let's be wise. Let's all be part of this call.

I have said much, and I Anita Naa Yaborley Annang pledge to make a difference as a true African.
Let's shuffle our old tradition and use the best ones. We never had condoms or birth control pills and there was nothing like STDs, rampant rape and the likes. Even guys who were born “kojo Basia” learn to man up and grow up somehow to handsome men and not Gays. Our forefathers were very intelligent. Ignorance is a crime in its own way.

We don't even have natural disasters, every disaster in Africa is man-made. Enough is enough Africa, Ghana, stop praying and fasting the whole day, God only blesses hard working hands. 
Lets start by promoting our own. U can package the plantain chips, u can package our food staff on the market. Lets train our market women to be clean. Lets force the malls to promot African products. 
Lets promot African prints wear. Our men must stop tiring thier necks in the name of suit and corporate fashion. The heat is partly the reason why you are suffering low sperm count and lack of performance. You dont need aphrodisiac. Compare the price of suit to African political wear. Look at our weather? How about our own corporate wear made in proudly African prints, not only on Fridays but Sunday to Monday. 

Pastors Stop sweating in suits, businessmen, stop boarding Trotro in suits, they Don't have AC. Don't you like comfort? Why do you enslave yourselves? This is Africa and our weather must direct our sense of fashion at least. We can go for interviews in breath taking African attire. Let's start today.
Instead of posting selfie with those rubber dresses and "obroni wawu" do it the African way. If its brand name you want, just promote African fashion and see if all the big designers will not come from Africa. Take your selfie in African wears.

Stop taking all the cheap drinks in the name of man-power. Shame on you! Sobolo, Pito, palmwin, corn wine etc., these are also natural aphrodisiac if that is what you want. Stop killing your self.
When was the last time you tasted bread from our own natural oven? Yes, I mean the clay oven. It still taste better than Gas and electric  ovens.
When last did you taste water from the clay pot, it's cooler and healthier not chilled and deadly, or grounded  pepper in the asanka, tastier, no chemical mechanisms that will take some percentage of your dear life in the name of electric blender. Already the fertilizer killed most of the nutrient in the crops before we buy them then we further kill the nutrient left with the gas and electric cookers. As if that is not enough, we keep the food frozen for days and weeks even months. Asem ooo. I can't even think far. 
We are really missing out if we think we are living extravagant . In exchange for what? Sickness ooo. It's not worth it at all.
If you keep too much junk in your head, you get a junk life.

We can start educating ourselves on the social media while we still have fun. A word is enough  to the wise.

Writer: Anita Annang (Wildflower, Proudly African)



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