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Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura killed in car crash at 25

Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in car crash Sunday in the Dominican Republic. He was 25. 
Dominican national police colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete identified the victim of a fatal crash as Ventura. Ventura’s agency confirmed his death to’s Jesse Sanchez. 
Ventura’s death comes on the same day former Indians infielder Andy Marte was killed in a car crash in the Dominican. The accidents are unrelated. 
Ventura is believed to have been driving under the influence at the time of the crash, according to ESPN’s Cristian Moreno. 
Ventura was known for his electric fastball and, at times, his short temper. He was suspended nine games last season for throwing at Orioles third baseman Manny Machado. 
Ventura was a fixture in the Royals’ rotation since he finished sixth in Rookie of the Year voting in 2014. He went 11–12 last season with a 4.45 ERA. 
Ventura was close friends with Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras, who was killed in a car crash while driving drunk in October 2…

All Is Right in the World: Jay Z Has Forgiven Kanye West

Before his hospitalization in November, Kanye West exhibited a string of alarming behaviors-including a public rant about Jay Z not calling him after Kim Kardashian's robbery. Oh, and he also accused Beyoncé of not deserving her 2016 VMA win, which 😳 .

The public airing of personal problems reportedly created a divide between the old friends, but it looks like Kanye has apologized and all is officially forgiven. Us Weekly reports that West called Jay Z to ask for forgiveness, and that he and Kim Kardashian visited Jay and Bey shortly after. 
"Jay was very reasonable and understood that Kanye wasn't feeling well when he made the remarks," a source says. "He was forgiving."
The magazine also reports that Kim is "so much happier" now that Kanye is back in therapy, and that she "she didn't realize how much of Kanye's behavior stems from a mental illness."

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Earned the Second-Highest Ratings in 36 Years

Donald Trump’s inauguration ratings were the second-highest in 36 years, according to Nielsen. The swearing-in of the 45th president was seen by 30.6 million viewers across 12 networks.
The only inauguration over the last three decades that tops Trump’s number in the linear ratings? Barack Obama’s first inauguration back in 2009, which had a record-setting 37.8 million viewers.
Before that, you’d have to go all the way back to Ronald Reagan in 1981, who was seen by 41.8 million viewers (Nielsen tracks inauguration ratings back to 1969).
According to, the numbers are all the more remarkable considering Trump is entering into office with rather low approval ratings compared to past presidents and sparked protests worldwide along with vows to not watch his inauguration.
And actually, Trump might have been seen by more viewers than either Obama or Reagan. Nielsen ratings do not account for online viewing, which has grown sharply in recent years and is far more commonplace than…

Juju scare grips teachers in Eastern Region

Some new teachers transferred to the Soda D/A Junior High School in the Affram Plains South District of the Eastern region are living in a state of terror.
The new teachers, who were transferred to the school to fill the vacuum created following the dismissal of 15 others, were welcomed on Friday with black magic at the entrance leading to the Staff Common Room.
The teachers were alarmed when they saw broken eggs and other items depicting ‘juju’ or black magic close to their office entrance, with an inscription indicating that five of them will die soon if they do not reject the posting.
The previous teachers of SODA D/A J.H.S which is located in Maame-Krobo were suspended over alleged indiscipline.
The 15 teachers were transferred after protesting against the appointment of a new headmaster for the School. According to the teachers, some of them are better qualified to head the school than the new headmaster who “has little knowledge in managing a school”.
The mass transfer of …

British Ghanaian singer, Mark Asari featured on ‘Fifty Shakes Darker’ soundtrack

English Ghanaian artist, Mark Asari has been highlighted on the soundtrack for forthcoming sexual show 'Fifty Shakes Darker', the sequal to '50 Shades of Gray'
His track delivered by 'The Avener' titled 'I Need a Good One' is number 14 on the Soundtrack and will be played inside the film.
Devotees of the Fifty Shades of Gray continuation can anticipate joint efforts with ZAYN and Taylor Swift on the effectively percolating "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" and in addition Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj.

John Legend, Halsey, Sia and The Dream are a portion of alternate specialists included on the 19-track aggregation. The Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack is accessible February 10, recently before Valentine's Day.

The first Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200 – including an elegant lineup and hot tunes from The Weeknd, Beyonce, and Ellie Goulding – and fans are eager to perceive what the sophomore soundtrack will hold.


Twitter investigating issue with 'POTUS' transition

Find yourself on Twitter following the 45th president of the United States by mistake? It's not just you.
Twitter say's it's investigating an issue with the transition from former President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump on the official @POTUS account, after users complained they were mistakenly added as followers.  
The plan is part of a broader digital transition connected to the White House's social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. For Twitter, Trump assumes the POTUS handle, while Obama shifts to a new handle, @POTUS44. The POTUS account would start over at zero tweets, but include all its followers, which sat around 13 million before the transition was formally completed. POTUS44 would serve as an archive of tweets during the Obama administration. Issues with the shift surfaced when Twitter users complained they were following POTUS despite never having followed before or unfollowing ahead of the transition.
According to tw…

I'll judge Trump after we see what he does says Pope Francis

According to Associated Press, Pope Francis has told an interviewer that he'll wait to see what U.S. President Donald Trump does before forming his opinion.
In an interview published Saturday evening by Spanish newspaper El Pais, Francis says he doesn't like "judging people early. We'll see what Trump does."
Asked about populist-style political leaders emerging in the United States and Europe, Francis warned against seeking a savior in times of crisis.
He said Hitler in the 1930s' Germany "was voted for by the people and then he destroyed the people."
Francis laments that in crises "we look for a savior to give us back identity, and we defend ourselves with walls, barbed-wire fences, from other peoples."
He was interviewed Friday at the Vatican at the same time as Trump's inauguration ceremony.

Video:Secret Service to investigate Madonna after she says she wants to blow up the White House at women's march

The Secret Service has reportedly said they will open an investigation into Madonna due to the inciting message she made at the Women's March in Washington on Saturday. Madonna took the stage and cursed out a lot of people including Donald Trump then she said she had thought about 'blowing up the White House' but knew that it 'wouldn't change anything'. 
Madonna dropped the f-bomb several times causing a slew of apologies from broadcasters airing the protest live. She went on to speak of her rage at the election result and cursing up some more. 
Watch the videos below: At #WomensMarch, Madonna says she has "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House" — CBS News (@CBSNews) January 21, 2017
@MADONNA = QUEEN OF NOT HAVING TIME FOR MISOGYNY. YESSSS!!!! #WomensMarch A video posted by The Slay by Mic (@theslaybymic) on Jan 21, 2017 at 3:11pm PST