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Twitter may soon remove links and photos from 140-character limit

After years of deliberation, it appears that Twitter is finally going to stop counting links and photos toward its 140-character limit in tweets. A person familiar with the matter tells Bloomberg that although it hasn't been made public, the company has reached a decision, and the update could hit within the next two weeks.
Currently, a link takes up 23 characters in a tweet, even after Twitter truncates it. After the update, users won't be forced to abbreviate their thoughts (any further than Twitter already force them to) when sharing a link.
This isn't quite the bombshell that users were expecting when rumors began to spread that Twitter would eliminate the character limit altogether, giving users thousands or tens of thousands of characters to share longer statuses on the social network. But it is going to be a major boon for publishers who don't want to shorten their headlines just to fit them on Twitter while including a photo and a link.
Expect to hear …

Sierra Leone pastor finds huge diamond in Kono

A pastor working in the mines of eastern Sierra Leone has unearthed a 706-carat diamond, the government said Thursday, as experts said the stone could rank as the 10th largest ever found.
The huge diamond was discovered by Emmanuel Momoh, one of thousands of Sierra Leoneans who seek their fortunes in the informal mining sector that dominates the diamond-rich Kono region, a government statement said.
"A 706-carat diamond was presented to President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma yesterday evening," the president's office said Thursday.
"Receiving the diamond President Koroma thanked the chief and his people for not smuggling the diamond out of the country," it added, referring to the Tankoro chiefdom where Momoh uncovered the gem.
It will be sold in Sierra Leone with a "transparent" bidding process to the benefit of the community and country, the statement said.
The government of Sierra Leone has attempted to crack down on cross-border diamond trafficking to …

Oprah Should Reconsider Her Presidential Run, New Poll Shows

In an interview with Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein earlier this month, Oprah Winfrey joked that she would consider a presidential run in 2020. Though many were excited at the the prospect of the omnipresent talk-show host sitting in the Oval Office, her best friend, Gayle King, was quick to note this proclamation was only in jest. 
But a new Public Policy Polling Survey shows that Winfrey might just want to reconsider a run for office.
“Reports have conflicted on whether she's really interested, but for what it's worth, Oprah Winfrey has a 49/33 favorability rating nationally and would lead Donald Trump 47-40 in a hypothetical 2020 presidential contest,” the survey found. In other words, the poll found that those polled would prefer Oprah to Trump in the 2020 election.
In her interview with Rubenstein, Winfrey said that after seeing the state of this current administration, she might just have what it takes to lead the country: “I never considered the question even a p…

Former top Trump aide Flynn paid over $30,000 by Russian TV, top House Dem says

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, was paid more than $33,750 by Russia's state-run broadcaster RT TV-Russia for a speech in Moscow in December 2015, a top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee has learned.
The US intelligence community has long assessed RT to be a propaganda tool of the Kremlin, writing in its January report on Russian interference in the US election that the organization had participated in disinformation campaigns aimed at the US. 
Flynn had previously acknowledged the speaking engagement, telling multiple news outlets in July and August that he received money for the speech. But he declined to state the amount, saying that the source of the funds was his US speakers bureau, not the Russian broadcaster, which US intelligence agencies describe as an instrument of the Russian government.

"I didn't take any money from Russia," Flynn told Yahoo News in July.

Rep. Elijah Cumming…

Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried take legal action over leaked photos

Lawyers for actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are coming for the people who leaked private photos of the Hollywood stars.
A representative for Watson confirmed that photos circulating online Wednesday were authentic and had been stolen.
"Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. They are not nude photographs," Watson's publicist, Luke Windsor, told USA TODAY in a statement. "Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further."
In Seyfried's case, the actress was photographed in intimate situations with a former boyfriend and the photos were leaked to the website Celebrity Jihad, which traffics in nude celebrity photos, both real and Photoshopped. In a letter obtained by TMZ Thursday, her attorneys threatened legal action against the site unless they were removed immediately and demanded that the site preserve evidence of the photos and any correspondence pertaining to their use o…

Transgender Caitlyn Jenner to accuse ex, Kris of asking her to 'suppress her true self' in memoir

Looks like the Kardashian girls and their former step father might have another clash soon! 67-year-old transgender, Caitlyn (formerly known as Bruce) will release her memoir, 
The Secret Of My Life, on April 25th and it has been revealed that she's accusing her ex-wife Kris Jenner of pushing Bruce in the closet, asking that she 'suppress her true self.'
The exes got married in 1991 but divorced in December 2014 after 22 years of marriage that produced two children, Kylie and Kendall.  They however haven't been that friendly with one another after the former athlete blasted Kris in the July 2015 Vanity Fair cover story in which revealed her new identity. It was also suggested in the tell all that Cait 'resents Kris for a life she didn't get to live.'

Michael Essien's wife, Akosua Puni buys Italian club for €237,000

The wife of Ghanaian football star Michael Essien, Mrs Akosua Puni has bought Italian third division Lega Pro side Calcio Como.
Mrs Puni Essien, a British citizen of Ghanaian origin bought the club for €237,000 at a bankruptcy auction held by FC Como Limited. The figure was €10,000 more than the starting price. 
A press release published on the club's website confirmed that it is now owned by Mrs Essien and has been renamed FC Como.
"Mrs. Puni Essien and her team will soon be in our city to meet the fans and supporters of the Club. In the meantime, they intend to let you know that they are honored to be here, in Como, and become part of a club which boasts 110 years of history," the release stated.
The bankruptcy trustee disclosed that in recent months as many as 31 individuals have come forward asking for information about purchasing the cash-strapped team.
They included Chinese, Indian, Emirati, Brazilian as well as various Italian entrepreneurs but Mrs Puni Essien …

234 State vehicles still missing – Gov’t

Some 234 state-owned vehicles are still missing after the change of government, the Akufo-Addo government has officially announced.
The official in charge of taking inventory of state vehicles during the Transition Period, Ayikoi Otoo, told the media Thursday that 67 out of the missing 301 vehicles have been retrieved leaving the outstanding at a total of 234.
He said the previous John Mahama-led administration handed over a list of 707 vehicles to the Akufo-Addo government.
The controversy surrounding the missing cars at the Office of the President became rife in February when the Director of Communications Eugene Arhin announced that 200 official vehicles from the State pool at the Flagstaff House cannot be accounted for.
According to him, President Akufo-Addo is still using his private Land Cruiser after being sworn into office. 
He said the president still resorts to the vehicle he used during the 2016 campaign for travels outside Accra.
Nana Addo uses a 2007 BMW saloon car th…

Parcel explosion at IMF's Paris office wounds employee

An employee of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was injured on Thursday when a booby-trapped parcel exploded at the organisation's Paris office, according to police.
The device appeared to be "a firework, or a big firecracker, at any rate something more or less handmade, and certainly not in any way a bomb", Paris police chief Michel Cadot told reporters near the scene of the incident in the centre of the French capital.
Al Jazeera's Natacha Butler, reporting from Paris, said the letter was sent by regular post to the head of IMF's European bureau. Jeffrey Franks, a 24-year veteran of the fund, has been director of the IMF's Europe office since March 2015, according to its website.
"According to police statements, the letter was opened by the bureau chief's assistant when it exploded, wounding her face and her eyes," Butler said.
"Police say she is not in a critical condition but obviously extremely shaken by what happened."

McDonald's deletes tweet attacking Donald Trump

McDonald's has said its Twitter account was "compromised" after it sent an insulting message to President Donald Trump.
"You are a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back," the tweet said. It also asserted that the president had "tiny hands".
"We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this," tweeted McDonald's, not long after the message was removed.
The firm said that it had been notified by Twitter that the account had been "compromised".
It was not clear whether this meant that the account had been hacked or, for example, taken over by a rogue employee. 
In January, the BBC said that one of its accounts had been hacked after it reported that Donald Trump had been shot. BBC

Kwesi Nyantakyi wins FIFA Council elections

Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi has been voted for his second term on the FIFA Council after defeating Leodegar Tenga in Addis Ababa.
Nyantakyi was favourite to retain the seat, after Zambian legend Kalusha Bwalya pulled out of the race citing the need for unity as the key reason, and he did itconvincingly.
The President won by 13 votes securing 33 out of the 53 votes with the Tanzanian gaining the remaining 20 thus winning 62.6% of the votes.
Nyantakyi secures a four-year term on the FIFA Council after securing just six months in office in his previous victory for the same post.
And he is highly fancied to be named CAF vice after Ahmad of Madagascar defeated long-serving leader Issa Hayatou earlier on Thursday.

Barack Obama jets off to Marlon Brando's private Polynesian island to unwind (Video/photos)

Barack Obama is currently in Tahiti, French Polynesia where he will spend a month at Marlon Brandon's privately owned retreat Tetiaroa atoll, which the Oscar-winning actor bought in the 1960s and is frequented by Hollywood stars.

He arrived Tahiti without his wife or daughters then checked into the resort which has villas that boast of their own plunge pools and cost between 2,000 euros ($2,150) and 12,300 euros per night.

The resort is split across two sides of the island, with 22 villas along Turtle Beach and 13 villas along Mermaid Bay. There has been no announcement of any political meetings scheduled during Obama's stay, and it is not clear what he plans to do while he's on the island but there are speculations he might want to write his latest memoir there, after signing the massive book deal with Penguin Random House

Below is a look at what the island looks like

Madagascar FA chief Ahmad elected as new Caf president

Madagascar Football Association chief Ahmad has been elected Confederation of African Football president, ending Issa Hayatou's 29-year reign.
Ahmad won 34 of the 54 votes in the election, which was held in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa on Thursday.
The result means a change in leadership for the first time since Cameroonian Hayatou took charge in 1988.
Ahmad, who appeared very emotional, becomes only the seventh Caf president in the body's 60-year history.
The 57-year-old, who goes by a single name, told BBC Sport afterwards: "I can't talk at this time. Only one thing - I thank God, I thank my team. 
"We worked hard but we won. That was the first step. The second step is to develop African football. "Some days I thought I would win - today I didn't (think I would win)."
The result was greeted by cheers at the Caf congress as Ahmad was carried on the shoulders of jubilant supporters to the podium after the result was announced. 
In contrast, Ha…

Annie~Joy writes: The Moral Implications. Should We Consider "Afie Nyansa Or Book Nyansa? Be Inspired!

Annie: Little, let's say you boarded a bus, which is fully occupied , hence others have to stand. You look around and see an old man standing. Will you offer him your seat? Having in mind very well that, You're still going to pay,, whether or not you give him your seat.
Little: Of course, Yes I will !!
Annie: What about you, Dan ?
Dan: No, I will not because I am also paying.
The dialogue above is displaying to you two different characters. Little demonstrated to you, "AFIE NYANSA while Dan demonstrated "BOOK NYANSA". AFIE NYANSA will insist you offer your seat because old people love to bless people who do them good while BOOK NYANSA will tell you don't offer your seat because you have paid for the fare or you will pay for the fare.  Note that if an old person says GOD BLESS YOU for a good deed done, that can even open a door which prayer cannot open.  Before, I proceed let me explain what I term by "AFIE NYANSA", Literary means common sense

Paris Jackson Removes Michael Jackson Headline From 'Harper's Bazaar' Cover

Paris Jackson apparently likes her cover more than the cover story. The 18-year-old actress shared her chic Parisian photo shoot cover of Harper's Bazaar's April issue on Tuesday, after previously expressing frustration over the angle of the headline, which centered on her being late father Michael Jackson's "favorite." Paris was quoted in the article as saying, "I was perfect in my dad's eyes."
"Paris is very excited for this cover and excited for everyone to see the images," Paris' rep tells ET.
In the since-deleted tweet, Paris vented, "When magazines lie to you and tell you they're not gonna make the headline about something, but go right ahead and do it behind your back :)."
Paris eventually did share the magazine cover, albeit with the headline in question removed. Despite the drama, hopefully we can all agree that the cover is amazing!

Lifestyle: HR Today: Forgotten skill that will make you better leader

It’s easy to tell a good leader from a bad one—but how do you tell a good leader from a great leader? That secret lies in their forgotten skill. Many people who move into leadership positions get caught up in thinking that power is the way to build great leadership, when in fact it’s just the opposite.
Power comes to those who take on responsibility—not just for themselves but for others. As with so many things, if you have to tell people you’re in power, your power isn’t that genuine. If you aspire to achieve greatness in leadership, it’s a must that you develop a healthy relationship with responsibility.
Here are some ways great leaders can take on responsibility;
Create a framework others can follow: People need a map, a guide, a blueprint to help them know which direction they need to follow. It is the leader’s responsibility to show them a path and a vision. When you have that framework in place, it provides focus and discipline, and those who resonate with it will follo…

Angelina Jolie defends UN, decries 'tide of nationalism'

According to Associated Press, Angelina Jolie has made a strong defense of the United Nations, saying the world body, as “imperfect” as it is, needs reform but also support.
The American actress and special envoy for the U.N. refugee agency decried a “rising tide of nationalism masquerading as populism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others” during a speech at the U.N. in Geneva on Wednesday.
Saying she was speaking as a “proud American” and “an internationalist,” Jolie said some politicians were elected “partly on the basis of dismissing international institutions and agreements.”
She didn’t mention President Donald Trump, amid concerns that the U.S. administration could cut crucial funding for the United Nations.
“We have to recognize the damage we do when we undermine the U.N., or use it selectively, or not at all,” Jolie said. She said “there is not a single humanitarian appeal anywhere in the world that is funded by even by half of what is r…

Ghana & Nigeria Set To Go Head To Head In Battle At #GHANANAIJASHOWBIZAWARDS.. Nominees Unveiling Party Holds In Accra On March 18

Ghana and Nigerian entertainment celebrities are set to battle in a real war of the stars for the first time as organisers are set to unveil nominees for the maiden edition of Ghana-Naija Showbiz Awards.

Nominees from the entertainment industries in both countries will slug it out in different categories to be announced at a classy House Party in Accra on Saturday, March 18, 2017.  The gig, which also marks the official launch of the awards holds at Paparazi Lounge, East Legon Accra and will kick off with a Gold Carpet session for celebrities at 8pm. The party will trend live across all social media platforms.

The Ghana-Nigeria Showbiz Award, according to organisers, is basically set out to build a strong bridge to link the vast opportunities that lie in the collaboration between entertainment industries in Nigeria and Ghana. The two countries form the biggest collaboration in terms of Entertainment in the Africa.

According to Tope Aileru, CEO of Blue Synergy Media, organiser…

John Legend helped his wife Chrissy Teigen with postnatal depression last year

John Legend has revealed how he helped his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, through postnatal depression.
The 31-year-old said recently that she'd been battling the condition since the birth of her daughter Luna last year.
John Legend told People that he did whatever he could do "to help her".
"(As a man) you don't know internally what it feels like... You need to be present and you need to be compassionate," he said.
"And we're all learning and trying to figure it out as we go."
Headed to Beauty and the Beast! @laurapolko @allanface @monicarosestyle ❤ A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Mar 2, 2017 at 6:36pm PST
In an open letter in US Glamour, Chrissy Teigen said that she couldn't leave the house for long periods of time, that she shut herself away in the dark and barely moved from "the exact same spot" all day after becoming a mum last April.
"I have a great life. I have all the help I could need: John, my mother (w…

#HarvestPraise2017 : Joe Mettle, Todd Dulaney And More To Rock Harvest Praise 2017

Dubbed the Victory Edition, This year's Harvest Praise promises to be a wild, vibrant, youthful and intense worship and praise night at the Accra International Conference Center this Easter Friday, 14th April.

The toast of Harvest Praise 2017 for the two power-packed sessions at 1pm and 6pm will be former American base ball player now the reigning hit worship music artist - Todd Dulaney in a show piece ministration of his smash hit song "Victory Belongs to Jesus".
Todd recently performed in Uganda and it was such an explosive event watched by millions on social media. The 34year old Minister together with his band is looking to carrying Ghana along in a marathon worship session this Easter Friday, storming the gates of heaven!

The nation's anointed darling choir, Harvest Gospel Choir led by Minister Yaw Antwi Dadzie will lend their choral might to Todd Dulaney and local worship champ, Joe Mettle!

Harvest Praise 2017, the 20th edition since its inception, pro…

Police stranded as angry traders dump 37 coffins at a Synagogue church in Uganda

Cops at Wandegeya Division Police Station in Uganda were stranded  with 37 coffins they confiscated from traders who were protesting against Pastor Samuel Kakande after they refused to reclaim them. According to Crooze FM, the coffins were dumped in Pastor Kakande’s church compound at Kubiri junction in Wandegeya on Gayaza Road as the coffin dealers accused officials of Synagogue Church of all Nations of blocking drainage channels in the area and in the process diverting drainage water into their business premises.

Over 18 people were arrested during the protests last month and later released on police bond. Now, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, says they are tired of keeping the coffins since they are occupying space.

Irate residents attack Salt factory in Volta Region

Some enraged residents of Adina, a fishing community in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region have reportedly attacked and ransacked a Salt Mining factory operating in the area.
The residents are said to have gone on rampage at the Kessington Salt Factory, on Wednesday over an alleged pollution of their source of potable water by the Indian company.
A source in the area told Starr news that the irate residents burnt lorry tyres and hauled stones at the factory workers and their expatriate bosses.
A team of Police men from the Keta Divisional Command had a tough time bringing the situation under control, as they were also attacked by marauding locals with stones, the source added.
Scores of the factory workers are said to have sustained various degree of injuries, with one casualty being reported.
The Regional Police command has since dispatched reinforcement to the Adina community to maintain order. A worker at the Kessington Salt Factory told Starr news that the company …

Trump travel ban: US judge blocks new executive order

A Federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Donald Trump's new travel ban, hours before it was due to begin at midnight on Thursday.
US District Judge Derrick Watson cited "questionable evidence" in the government's argument that the ban was a matter of national security.
President Trump described the ruling as "unprecedented judicial overreach".
The order would have placed a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim nations and a 120-day ban on refugees.
Mr Trump insists the move is to stop terrorists from entering the US but critics say it is discriminatory.
An earlier version of the order, issued in late January, sparked confusion and protests, and was blocked by a judge in Seattle.
Speaking at a rally in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday evening, Mr Trump said the ruling in Hawaii made the US "look weak". He said he would take the case "as far as it needs to go" including to the Supreme Court, adding: "We're going to…