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Saudi Muslim cleric urges FIFA to ban christian players from making Christian signs on the pitch

Mohammed Alarefe, a Saudi Muslim cleric and professor of religion at King Saud University in Riyadh has urged world football's governing body, FIFA to ban Christian players from making the sign of the cross and other Christian signs after scoring. He posted the controversial call on Twitter to his 17.4million followers, but he was quickly flooded with messages disagreeing with him.  A number of people pointed out to the Muslim scholar that a huge amount of players kneel on the ground and kiss the floor in celebration of a goal, mimicking the Islamic prayer. Alarefe wrote: 'I've seen video clips of athletes, soccer players running, shooting and when they win they make the symbol of the cross on their chests and my question is if FIFA's rules forbid this.' Twitter users from all religious backgrounds were quick to shut him down pointing out that the act was an expression of joy and even Muslim players bow to the ground after scoring. The issue of religion

Global cyber-attack: Security blogger halts ransomware 'by accident'

A UK security researcher has told the BBC how he "accidentally" halted the spread of the malicious ransomware that has affected hundreds of organisations, including the UK's NHS. The 22-year-old man, known by the pseudonym MalwareTech, had taken a week off work, but decided to investigate the ransomware after hearing about the global cyber-attack. He managed to bring the spread to a halt when he found what appeared to be a "kill switch" in the rogue software's code. "It was actually partly accidental," he told the BBC, after spending the night investigating. "I have not slept a wink." Although his discovery did not repair the damage done by the ransomware, it did stop it spreading to new computers, and he has been hailed an "accidental hero". "I would say that's correct," he told the BBC. "The attention has been slightly overwhelming. The boss gave me another week off to make up for this train-wreck of a

SSNIT withdraws case against Ibrahim Mahama

The Accra District Court has dismissed a case against Engineers and Planners and its Chief Executive , Mr Ibrahim Mahama over non payment of social security contribution. The court dismissed the case after the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) withdrew the case against the business mogul, Graphic Online's Court reporter Emmanuel Ebo Hawkson who was in court on Saturday morning reported. SSNIT dragged the company,  Mr Mahama and three other directors to court for failing to pay over Gh¢1million in social security contributions and a penalty for failing to pay the contribution. Lawyer for the company, Ms Nancy Amartefio, prayed the court to dismiss the case because Engineers and Planners had already paid more than Gh¢2million to SSNIT in excess of the amount owed, Hawkson reported. The prosecutor, Ms Leena Adomah Boakye, explained that the company paid the debt on April 28, 2017, a day before the case was heard in court . She, however, informed the court

2nd Ghana Women Of The Year Honours Slated For May 13

Some distinguished women who have blazed the trail when it comes to empowering women while contributing to the socio-economic development of the country are set to be honoured at the second Ghana Women of the Year Honours. The Honours celebrate the mavericks, the enduring souls, the tenacious sisters, the standard bearers in Ghana. Just like the maiden edition last year, several activities have been lined up for this year’s three-day event. This year’s will kick off with the ‘She Summit’ which comes off at the Swiss Spread, Alisa Hotel, North Ridge in Accra from May 11 to May 12.   Speakers at the event will include Madam Charlotte Osei, Chairperson, Electoral Commission (EC); Madam Esther Cobbah of Strategic Communications Africa (Stratcomm Africa); Comfort A. Sakoma, a Business Development Strategist from Nigeria; and Shirley Frimpong-Manso of Sparrow Productions. Like some people say, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back,”

Mom's Post About Trying On Bikinis With Her Daughter Goes Viral

Yesterday, Ashley Graham went on Good Morning American to say that parents are responsible for their kids' body image, but Brittney Johnson had already made that message go viral on Facebook on Monday. The mom had taken her daughter out for a day of shopping, and when they were trying on bathing suits in the Target dressing room, what her daughter had to say shocked her. She posted about the experience on her personal Facebook page: "I snapped pictures of them to send to my girlfriends and say "yes or no?!" because girls are wired weird and that's just what we do," she wrote. "And then I snapped this one. See that sweet baby girl in the corner? With half a dress on and one of the bikini tops I had picked out? I stopped for a second to see what she would say and when she turned to the mirror, she said "Wow I just love cheetah print! I think I look beautiful! Do you think I look beautiful too?!" That made Johnson pause. "It hit

Have you heard R. Kelly’s remix of Davido’s smash hit ‘If’?

The singer whose ‘If’ song is currently gaining worldwide attention has had another feather in a cap.  American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former professional basketball player, R.Kelly has done a cover of the ‘If’ tune originally composed by the 24-year-old American-born Nigerian recording artist. Davido later posted a stitched version of his snaps on his Instagram page and could not hide his joy.  The refix/remix  was applauded by fans of Davido who listened to the song on his instagram page. Crazyyy!!!!!!! THE LEGEND R KELLY REMIXED 'IF' !!!! Whaaaaaaat!! 🌍🌍🌍🌍 ! I'm honored!! 😬 #backtobasics stay true to your culture!! THEY WILL COME!! A post shared by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial) on May 12, 2017 at 5:24am PDT

Boko Haram releases video of purported Chibok girls

Boko Haram released a video late on Friday claiming to show the Chibok schoolgirls who refused to be rescued as part of a recent swap deal with the Nigerian government.     In the three-minute video, a woman who claims to be Maida Yakubu, one of the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April 2014, is seen wearing a black veil and holding a gun.       Flanked by three other women clad in black, she proclaims her loyalty to Boko Haram, the group that has killed more than 20,000 people since taking up arms against the Nigerian government in 2009.      When asked by a man in the background why she doesn't want to go back home to her parents, she replies: "The reason is that they live in the town of unbelief. We want them to accept Islam." The woman then speaks in the local Chibok dialect for the rest of the video.    Last week, 82 schoolgirls who were kidnapped three years ago were released after negotiations between the group and the government.       Presidential

(VIDEO) Police Officer Caught On Camera Taking Bribe

The Ghana Police Service is still in the business of taking tokens at the roadside notwithstanding serious backlash from the public for being the worst culprit in bribery. A short video of an officer taking bribe from a commercial driver went viral on social media on Friday. Watch Video Below.  

Ghana’s Youngest Film Producer Umar Krupp Releases New Movie Titled “Baabani”

Africa’s youngest movie producer and actor Umar Krupp is yet to release the much anticipated movie titled ‘Baabani. Umar Krupp has once again demonstrated his movie skills and abilities in this suspense packed film, full of intrigue, drama and education. “Baabani” is a story about a 16 years old teenager girl Samira (Eman sinare ) who lives with her mother Baabani (Kalsoume Sinare ) and her Muslim brother Toufiq (Umar Krupp) in Nima one of the well-known Muslim communities in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The story, which is said to be full of suspense is very interesting and educative. This is a must watch movie for African movie fans, as a new culture is introduced into the movie industry. Umar Krupp a multiple award winning actor, is the producer of “Baabani” and so many other movies like “You May Kill the Bride”. The movie which was written and directed by (Major) Divine Jones who is a product of the National Film And Television Institute. “Baabani” Stars the following,

Ivanka Trump donates half of the royalties from her new book to charity

Ivanka Trump has donated $200,000 in royalties from her new book to the National Urban League and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Ivanka recently published the book “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success.” A spokeswoman for the National Urban League confirmed that the group got Trump’s donation on Monday and that the money would fund a new program for female entrepreneurs in Baltimore. The program will be attached to an existing Urban League Entrepreneurship Center in Baltimore, which provides advice and mentoring meant to “increase minority entrepreneurs’ competitiveness and profitability.”

FBI chief sacking: 'Four to be interviewed' to replace Comey

The FBI is conducting an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the US election The first interviews to find a replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey take place on Saturday. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is among four people who will meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein. But about 11 people in all are being considered, US media report. President Trump has faced a backlash for sacking Mr Comey, who had been investigating alleged Russian meddling in the US election. White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters the president would fill the job "as soon as he finds a candidate that fits the qualities that he feels are necessary". Fox News quoted a government source as saying they were moving "quickly and expeditiously" to find a replacement, adding: "We're doing our due diligence - we are not going to cut any corners." John Cornyn is the second most senior Republican in the Senat

Damilola Adegbite Opens Up On Her Health Challenges & Reveals She Had A Surgeries Weeks Ago

Tinsel actress and fitness advocate, Damilola Adegbite-Attoh, has been through a tough period recently. The mother-of-one opened up about her struggles these past few weeks. She revealed that she has been in and out of surgery, and for her, it was the scariest she had ever experienced. Here is what The former model, who will turn 32 in a week shared on Instagram alongside a photograph of herself in a hospital bed. "Flashing back" to a few weeks ago, going into and out of surgery. That was one of the most scary and eye opening events I have experienced  (I will share details in my next vlog). Fast forward to today, I am alive and well, and most importantly, I have a better understanding of how fragile life is and how it all can be taken away in one split second. Consciously choose to be grateful for the things you have. Be kind to one another, forgive yourself and others for mistakes; remember nobody is perfect...neither are you,embrace everything and everyone wh

Chelsea Crowned English Premier League Champions!

Michy Batshuayi‘s late goal gave Chelsea the victory they required to secure the English Premier League   title at West Brom . It looked as though Antonio Conte‘s side might be forced to delay their celebrations as they were frustrated for long periods by the resilience and organisation of their hosts. However, with eight minutes left, substitute Batshuayi’s decisive goal was enough to secure the crown for the second time in three years for the Blues. The final whistle sparked wild celebrations among Chelsea’s fans and Conte was tossed high into the air by his squad. The Italian can now set his sights on emulating compatriot Carlo Ancelotti‘s 2010 feat of winning the league and domestic Double as the Blues prepare for an FA Cup final against Arsenal at Wembley on 27 May.

Box Office: ‘King Arthur’ Bombing as It Limps Toward $18 Million Debut

Every summer has them. Big studio movies launched with massive budgets that saddle into multiplexes looking to kick off new film franchise only to be greeted by the forces of audience indifference. Well, it looks like summer 2017 has its first official flop. Warner Bros.’ “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” Guy Ritchie’s attempt to make the Knights of the Round Table hip again, is collapsing at the box office.  Based on its Thursday pre-shows and Friday afternoon mid-day grosses, the $175 million epic is looking at a disastrous $18 million debut. Those projections come from rival studios. Insiders at Warner Bros. think the film could still exceed $20 million, but even if it does, that’s still a very weak start for such an expensive picture. Barring a mid-weekend surge in enthusiasm for tales of gallantry, there will be red ink. “King Arthur” stars Charlie Hunnam as a rough-and-tumble version of the legendary king, with Jude Law as Vortigern, a war lord who murdered his paren

Venezuela health minister fired after data shows 66% rise in pregnancy-related deaths

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has fired the country's Health Minister Antonieta Caporale days after the government's first release of health data in two years showed soaring infant and maternal mortality rates. Vice President Tareck El Aissami announced on his Twitter account, that pharmacist Luis Lopez was replacing Caporale. The firing came after the health ministry recently released new data showing infant and maternal deaths and cases of malaria are skyrocketing in the country already grappling with severe medical shortages. The data from her office showed that confirmed malaria cases in 2016 stood at 240,000, a 76% increase over the previous year. Maternal or pregnancy-related deaths rose 66%, to 756. Last year, 11,466 infants died, a 30% increase. The new health minister, Lopez, has been the deputy minister of hospitals for the national government and secretary of health for the Venezuelan state of Aragua, according to state-run news agency AVN.

Michelle Obama attacks Trump school meals policy

Michelle Obama was addressing the Healthier America summit in Washington Michelle Obama has launched a fierce defence of the healthy eating initiatives she championed as first lady. At a public health summit in Washington, she hit back after the Trump administration loosened nutritional standards aimed at making US school lunches healthier. "Think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap," she said. One in five American children is obese, government figures show. In thinly-veiled criticism of the policies of the new administration, Mrs Obama told the audience: "This is where you really have to look at motives, you know.  "You have to stop and think, why don't you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you? And why is that a partisan issue? Why would that be political? What is going on?" She added: "Take me out of the equation - like me or don't like me. But think about why someone is OK wit

3 dead as Ebola virus resurfaces in DR Congo

The Health Ministry of the Democratic Republic of Congo together with the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Friday that one person who died recently of a hemorrhagic fever has tested positive for the Ebola virus, indicating a fresh new outbreak of the killer disease.  According to the Ministry, the case was confirmed after tests were conducted on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in Bas-Uele province in the north of the country on or after April 22, adding that three people have died of fever. 'Our country must confront an outbreak of the Ebola virus that constitutes a public health crisis of international significance,' the ministry said. Confirming the outbreak to Reuters, the WHO's Congo spokesman, Eric Kabambi said: 'It is in a very remote zone, very forested, so we are a little lucky. We always take this very seriously." The last outbreak of Ebola in Congo was in 2014 and killed 42 people. It could also be recalled that in

Sierra Leone rejects $7.8m offer for the 709 carats diamond found by a pastor

The government of Sierra Leone on Thursday rejected a $7.8 million bid for one of the world's largest uncut diamonds found by a pastor saying it failed to meet its own valuation. The 709 carats diamond was discovered by Emmanuel Momoh, a Sierra Leonean pastor who found it in the Kono district of the country in March and handed it over to the government to sale. Read here According to the chief auctioneer and head of the National Minerals Agency,  Sahr Wonday, he said five bids were handed to auctioneers in a sealed brown envelope, ranging from $2 million to $7.8 million. He said the top bid was made by a man in a white shirt and light trousers on behalf of Belgium diamond dealer Ray Diam BVBA but was actually rejected as it fails to meet the country's valuation. We've decided not to sell the diamond today because the highest bid price ... does not match the government reserve price,' He told a packed room. Wonday said the government will be going to an interna