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Showing posts from March 11, 2018

Video: A woman rode a horse into a South Beach nightclub. It did not go well

The city of Miami Beach shut down a nightclub on Friday after video surfaced showing a woman in a bikini riding a spooked horse into a crowd of people.

Rwanda Seventh-Day Adventist churchgoers killed by lightning

A lightning strike killed at least 16 people and injured dozens more at a Seventh-Day Adventist church in Rwanda on Saturday, an official said.

Nun involved in lawsuit with Katy Perry over convent dies

A nun who was involved in a lawsuit with pop star Katy Perry over the sale of a convent in Los Angeles died Friday after collapsing during a court appearance.

“Ghana To Increase Solar Energy Contribution To Energy Mix” – President Akufo-Addo Pledges.

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has pledged the commitment of his government to increasing the contribution of the solar energy to the country’s energy-mix.

US government deports Congolese citizens in chains and diapers

The Congolese government might be filing a lawsuit against the United States government after some of its citizens were deported from the US in chains and wearing diapers so they would not use the rest room while they were being flown back to their country.

Gunshot as Zylofon’s Bulldog attempts to seize Stonebwoy’s Benz

The tension between Zylofon Media and their signed artiste Stonbwoy appears to have reached a crescendo as attempts were made by Zylofon officials to take over Stonebwoy’s vehicle on Saturday.

China's 'president for life': Congress to vote on abolishing term limits

China is set to approve the removal of term limits for its leader, in a move that will effectively allow Xi Jinping to remain as president for life.

‘Black Panther’ has crossed the $1 Billion Box Office Mark

After only a few weeks, Black Panther has reached a major milestone at the worldwide box office – it has crossed the $1 billion mark.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cancels events in Kenya, says he’s “not feeling well”

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has cancelled scheduled events in Kenya, saying he’s “not feeling well,” CNN reports.