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Showing posts from June 1, 2018

12 African migrants shot dead by human traffickers in Libya

The United Nations says more than 12 African migrants were shot dead by human traffickers while attempting to escape a camp in Libya, where some were subjected to "torture" and "abuse and exploitation".

Fallen Soldier's 'Brothers' Take Touching Photos With His Baby

Tiny Christian Michelle Harris will never meet her father, who was killed in action in Afghanistan before she entered the world.

Photos: Season 3 of Revealed with Bola Ray launched in Accra

Season 3 of popular television show, REVEALED WITH BOLA RAY, launched last night at the Mövenpick Hotel, Accra. The event attracted leading figures of notable media and luxury industry brands for a night full of glitz.

Gambians file suit against ex-leader over alleged HIV 'cure'

Three survivors of a supposed HIV treatment program run by Gambia's former leader Yahya Jammeh featuring what he called an herbal remedy "cure" filed a lawsuit Thursday against him, claiming they suffered under the forced regimen.

GPRTU announces 10 per cent increase in fares

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has announced a 10 per cent increase in transport fares.

Italy has a new Prime Minister sworn in to lead populist Italian government

Nearly three months after Italians went to the polls, a new Prime Minister was sworn in on Friday afternoon.