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Showing posts from December 23, 2019

#YearOfReturn Proof That Ghana Is Loved – Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has urged Ghanaians to be proud of their country because ‘others wish to be like us.’

Ghana to host first-ever Plantain Festival in Africa

Together with all stakeholders in the Agriculture sector and the food chain in Ghana, Plantation Crew in partnership with the National Folklore Board and powered by Marketicons is hosting the first-ever Plantain Festival under the theme “Plantain for The Nation” in Africa.

Five sentenced to death over murder of Jamal Khashoggi

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced five people to death and jailed three others over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi which generated a worldwide outrage in 2018.

Bill Cosby's spokesman calls Eddie Murphy a 'Hollywood slave' for attacking the jailed star at 'Saturday Night Live'

A spokesman for Bill Cosby has put Eddie Murphy on blast after the comedian made jokes at Cosby's expense during his opening monologue as he made his historic return to 'Saturday Night Live' after 35 years.

Separated conjoined twins express gratitude to Rawlings 20 years after surgery

Formerly conjoined twins, Lydia and Linda Awui, have called on former President Jerry John Rawlings to thank him for his kind support in ensuring that the bill for their surgery, aimed at separating them, was taken care of.

35-years after, Eddie Murphy returns to 'Saturday Night Live', and gives the show its best TV rating since May 2017

Its been 35 long years and the legendary Eddie Murphy finally made a return to Saturday Night Live (the TV show that made him famous at just 19 years old)