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Showing posts from January 16, 2020

George Quaye resigns from Charterhouse

George Quaye has resigned from his position as Communications Manager for Charterhouse Productions.

Racist landlord refuses to rent house to African student, gives bizarre reason

A British landlord, Elina Vimbsone has been accused of 'shocking racism' after allegedly refusing to rent out her double room apartment in London to a Gambian student, Ebrima Mboob. 

Angola's Isabel dos Santos: Africa's richest woman eyes presidency

Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos, who is embroiled in a huge financial scandal, has suggested that she may seek to become the country's president.

US lifts VISA restrictions on Ghana

The United States of America has lifted visa restrictions imposed on Ghana in February 2019.

Nigerian pastor and wife convicted for raping 6 girls and sodomising boy for 20 years

Pastors or religious men in authority are supposed to be the haven for vulnerable people to run to for sanctuary, but a Nigerian pastor in the United Kingdom has abused the trust of his parishioners.

Russian prime minister and the entire government resign over President Putin's plan to remain in power indefinitely

Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister of Russia and the entire Russian government have resigned after President Vladimir Putin proposed a constitutional reform that would allow him remain in power indefinitely.

Naomi Osaka just called Serena Williams her 'mom' and fans can't cope

Naomi Osaka joked that sporting legend Serena Williams was her mother on Twitter - much to everyone's delight.

Fire guts parts of Accra Academy School

Portions of Accra Academy near Kaneshie in Accra have reportedly been gutted by fire.