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Showing posts from February 27, 2020

The Vatican Italy cancel mass as Pope Francis reportedly falls ill a day after praying for coronavirus sufferers

Pope Francis has reportedly taken ill and cancelled an event at a Rome basilica just a day after he prayed for coronavirus sufferers in Italy.

Wrongfully convicted man awarded $1.5 Million after spending 23 years in prison

Lamonte McIntyre, from Kansas, USA has been awarded $1.5 million after being wrongfully convicted for two murders he didn't commit and spending 23 years in prison.

Zambians wowed after spotting $3m Bugatti Veyron at Airport

Zambian authorities have seized a $2.8m Bugatti Veyron which arrived the country through Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Monday February 24.

Former FedEx receptionist becomes the company’s first black female CEO

Fedex has named its newest CEO and she's Ramon Hood, a woman who began as a receptionist at the same company.

Coronavirus: At least 700 people in New York placed under voluntary quarantine after returning from China

At least 700 people who returned to New York from China have been placed under voluntary quarantines over the deadly coronavirus which broke out from Wuhan in China.